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The 5 minute application provides instant initial  results to the applicant.


During this portion, we conduct some assessment tests, a phone interview and a video interview with the applicant.

Cred Training

The job has been offered and now the new trainee attends a 4 day "Online Credentials Training" course with the exam on day 5

Job Training

Once the exam has been passed, the trainee attends one week of paid online job training.

It is common for companies in the same industry to take months to complete the on-boarding process. With Orion Fire, the entire process can take as little as 2 weeks from start to finish! Our administrators have worked tirelessly to ensure the on-boarding process is simple and stream-lined.
The custom job application has been designed to provide instant feedback to applicants so they know where they stand. The screening process may take 3-5 business days depending on the availability of the interviewer and for a formal review. There are several steps to the screening process, but it's there to ensure each viable candidate is given the proper attention. Once an applicant has been screened and approved, a job offer will be made. The next step is for the new trainee to attend a 4-day Online Credentials Training, Monday through Thursday. The class offers the trainee all of the education necessary to pass the exam. Once the course has been successfully passed, the trainee will be invited to take the final state exam. The week following the Online Credentials Training and exam, the new trainee will be offered job specific training. Then it's off to work in a new and exciting career of fire safety!

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