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A large number of businesses are out of compliance and don't even know it. Our technicians serve their communities by providing the necessary education to inform these places on how to become safe and up to compliance.


Places of business that are out of compliance rely on Orion Fire as a trusted resource for bringing them back up to compliance on their fire extinguishers. We take pride in keeping our community safe. 


Once services have been sold, the Orion Fire Technician brings the fire extinguishers back up to compliance with state and local fire code requirements.


Orion Fire Systems is recruiting new team members for a fast paced and well paid job. This job is anything but boring. With lives on the line, Orion Fire Team Members are the first line of defense for nature's most horrific destructive force... FIRE. The Orion Fire Team inspects, performs maintenance, and certifies the fire safety equipment necessary to provide a safe environment for millions of people within the State of Georgia and the State of Tennessee. If you are ready for a job with a huge purpose and compensation to back it up... Welcome to Orion Fire Systems!


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